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Shidafzan: Financial Management (Chapter 15: Capital Structure Policy)


It is true that there are fewer « big » dividend payers than there used to be, but if you buy into the earnings stability argument (that the reason for the shift to buybacks is because companies feel less secure about future earnings), those big dividend payers who remain must feel even more confident about their future earnings potential than the dividend payers of the past. The following trendy boutique s were the best over the past 3 years. It is true that TSLA’s earnings are projected to grow at a rapid pace over the next several years, but shares are still priced at 77 times the consensus 2024 estimate. The first is to estimate the risk adjusted value, using the conventional approach, and to then reduce this value by an illiquidity discount. My choice would be the underlying asset value (S): using a lower value for illiquid underlying assets will reduce the value of call options on those assets.


These studies generally yield large discounts (25-50%) for illiquid assets and private company appraisers have generally used these studies to back up the use of similar discounts when valuing non-traded businesses. After you have the list you can use free sites like MSN money, or Yahoo Finance, or Finviz to research the stock further and create 4 to 5 stocks prospect list. Although the medical benefits are increasingly undisputed, the road to legalizing cannabis products for recreational use in some countries could still be very long and rocky. Intrinsic Valuation: There are many different intrinsic valuation approaches but they all share a common theme. First, the universe of stocks that you can invest in going to be smaller and there may be entire sectors (technology, for instance), where you will find few or no stocks to invest in. At first sight, the shift to buybacks may seem like bad news for investors focused on dividends, but I think it actually strengthens their hand. These investors should consider stock buybacks as cash payback, when assessing stocks, since they can always tender a portion of their shares in each buyback.

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